Filing of executives, executives and foreign technicians in the Republic of Argentina, through the different procedures established in the Migration Law and Regulatory Decree 1023/94 and according to the type of contract; Obtaining work visas or for the performance of managerial functions before the Argentine Consulates abroad prior to compliance with the requirements demanded by the National Directorate of Population and Migration; extension of the stays of temporary residents or tourists; obtaining temporary work authorizations for unpaid foreign personnel in the country; country exit authorizations; work authorizations and / or temporary residence for artists, athletes and religious; obtaining visas for businessmen or representatives of foreign companies, migrants with their own capital etc. We highlight in this area the search for legal solutions tailored to the specific needs of each case.
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In addition to collaborating with the entry into Argentina of the foreign executive, manager or technician with his family, them so that, after a period of permanence in our country, they obtain their visas abroad to Mercosur countries or other parts of the world. 

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